Dorsal Appliance


Orthocraft - DORSAL Appliance


Orthocraft - DORSAL Appliance


How Does a DORSAL Appliance Work?

The Dorsal Appliance uses precision-milled upper an dower occlusal appliances to open the vertical relationship, with buccal "dorsal' fins to hold the mandible forward and allows for the desirable degree of lateral movement. Suitable for all dentitions.

  • Mid to moderate OSA, Snoring

Device Type
  • Custom Sleep Appliance

Fitting Description

The upper and lower trays are adjusted for retention and fit. Initial protrusion is set during the fitting process and can be easily modified. Posterior stops may be added for comfort if necessary.

Adjustment Description

The appliance has two jack screws built in - one on each side. They must both be adjusted together for anterior movement. Each turn of the expansion screw from the bar to bar advances the mandible approximately one-quarter millimetre.


Available in Dual Laminate, All Acrylic and Thermoplastic.

Recommended Cleaning & Maintenance

Use OAP Dental Appliance Cleaner, which is an anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-gemicide. Simple spray, brush and rinse - a 1-minute procedure.


  • Upper and lower models, impressions or STL file
  • Bite that is 70% protruded and open in the anterior 8 to 10 mm


We research all our materials in order to provide you with the highest quality materials available.  This is how we can offer the best warranty in the business;

1 Year - and can be extended up to 2 Years.

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