EMA Appliance


Orthocraft - EMA Appliance


How Does a EMA Appliance Work?

The Elastic Mandibular Advancement Appliance uses interchangeable elastic straps and posterior bite pads attached to thermo-formed custom trays to allow gradual advancement of the mandible and increased vertical opening until treatment is successful.

  • Mid to moderate OSA, Snoring

Device Type
  • Custom Sleep Appliance

Fitting Description

Fit the upper and lower appliance without the elastic straps to check for comfort and to make sure there is no gingival impingement. Check the posterior bite pads for even occlusion.

Adjustment Description

The EMA appliance uses four different strengths of elastic straps in nine different lengths to gradually titrate the mandible. The shorter or stronger the strap, the further the mandible is advanced.


The EMA appliance is completely metal free. The custom trays are made from a proprietary thermoplastic and the straps from a latex-free polymer.

Recommended Cleaning & Maintenance

Clean appliance in tepid water with a toothbrush and toothpaste or soak it in denture cleaning solution, no mouthwash.


  • Upper and lower models, impressions or STL file
  • Bite that is 70% protruded and open in the anterior 8 to 10 mm


We research all our materials in order to provide you with the highest quality materials available.  This is how we can offer the best warranty in the business;

1 Year - and can be extended up to 2 Years.

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