TAP Appliance


Orthocraft - TAP Appliance


How Does a TAP Appliance Work?

The TAP stabilizes the lower jaw in the appropriate protrusive position, preventing airway collapse and tongue blockage while keeping the jaw closed during sleep. The TAP has a full range of adjustment beyond maximum protrusion on into maximum passive position.

  • Mid to moderate OSA, Snoring , Bruxism

Device Type
  • Custom Sleep and Bruxism Appliance

Fitting Description

The upper and lower trays are adjusted for retention and fit. Initial protrusion is set during the fitting process and can be easily modified. Posterior stops may be added for comfort if necessary.

Adjustment Description

Adjustment may be made by the patient with the TAP in the mouth. An anterior dial with one point of adjustment prevents unequal torque. The clinician teaches a home titration schedule, which engages the patient in the therapy process. The TAP may also be easily adjusted in the sleep lab by the sleep tech during a study.


Hardware material is surgical grade stainless steel. The trays have two hard layers of durable polymer and the inner lining is one of two types designated by the clinician. Triple Laminate is the most popular, using DuraSoft, which enables retention by comfortably gripping the teeth. ThermAcryl is the other option, which softens when heated to allow "snapping" and reshaping for patients who have dental work.

Recommended Cleaning & Maintenance

After use, clean with a toothbrush, cool water, and antibacterial soap. The TAP can be soaked weekly in a diluted peroxide solution for 5 minutes


  • Upper and lower models, impressions or STL file
  • Bite that is 70% protruded and open in the anterior 8 to 10 mm


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1 Year - and can be extended up to 2 Years.

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