Ferrar Splint


The anterior repositioning splint (also referred to as the anti-retrusion, pull forward splint) is used to recapture an anteriorly displaced disc. A definite click in the joint is present.
This is a full-coverage maxillary splint with an acrylic flange that rests lingual to the lower anteriors, with buccal and incisal indices of the lower cusp tips. This splint brings the mandible into a protrusive position. The anterior repositioning splint is most effective at night because it keeps the mandible forward during sleep, when it would otherwise tend to relax and retrude.

  • To maintain or stablize a stable jaw position
  • To reduce a TMJ click
  • To Decompress the TJM Disc

  • A well defined upper and lower plaster model
  • Wax bite in centric relation, or a wax construction bite where you desire the splint to be built


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1 Year - and can be extended up to 2 Years.

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